Information renting from our listings

If you are interested in renting one of the listed properties by Haarlem Real Estate you can contact us. If the property seems to be a good match we will arrange a viewing with you.

You will be introduced to the owner of the property if you are interested in renting it. After approval of the owner the rental agreement will be made. A template translation of the rental agreement will be available for you as you have to sign the Dutch version (this is legally in the Netherlands). You will get the keys of the property after signing the rental contact and your bank transfer (the deposit and the first rent).

During the check-in at the property you will meet the owner and an inspection report will be made. There are no additional costs for the tenant.

Documents required

You have to provide the following documents if you would like to rent a house or an apartment:

  • Passport or other ID
  • Employment contract or 3 recent salary slips

Local taxes

After your registration at the City Hall the tenant will receive the invoices for local taxes. The involved municipality e.g. Gemeente Haarlem (performed by Cosensus) will send you the invoice for the garbage tax. In 2023 this is € 279,- for a single. For 2 persons or more it is € 426,-. Belastingsamenwerking Gouwe-Rijnland will send you the invoice for the water purification. In 2023 this is € 182.85 for a single and € 320.75 for 2 persons or more. All amounts mentioned are for 1 year. These taxes you have to pay everywhere where you are living in the Netherlands.

Search order

You didn't see the house or apartment you liked on our website? Save your time and let us search for you!

We can personally assist you during your search to find a new home. In this case we will act on your behalf to find you the right apartment or house and rent it under the best conditions!

To start this search you will have to fill in our search order form.

We will discuss your personal requirements and will start our search. A selection of suitable properties will be created for your housing tour and appointments will be made with other agents. In a short period of time you will be able to view houses or apartments that fit your requirements. Based on this tour you are able to make a thorough decision.

During this tour Haarlem Real Estate will accompany you and we will provide you with a lot of information about the area, facilities etc. so you can choose the right property.

The next step as soon as you have found your new home is that Haarlem Real Estate negotiates on your behalf with the agent of the owner and tries to get you the best rental conditions.

A rental agreement will be drawn up in Dutch, which is required by Dutch law. You will always be provided with a copy of the English translation. During the check-in we will assist you. An inspection report will be made. We will assist you again during the check-out and will make sure that your deposit will be refunded.

In the Netherlands it is a standard procedure that a proof of regular income is required by the landlord, which will include your employment contract or employer statement and recent salary slips. You will also have to provide your passport or ID. 

Haarlem Real Estate can take all your worries away while assisting you with:

  • setting up tv-internet access
  • connection of public utilities (gas, electricity and water)

We understand how difficult it is to settle down in a different country with a foreign language and a different culture. Our team can support you in this process! 

If we find the right home for you the costs for this service is 1 month's rent + 21% VAT.


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