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Looking for an appartment or house in the Haarlem Region?

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How does it work?

Rent an apartment or house

Here you will find a selection of apartments & houses for rent with Haarlem Real Estate. Here we display all the properties for rent with Haarlem Real Estate. We offer rentals which are fully furnished, unfurnished and partially furnished. Click on a rental house or apartment to see more information about the property.

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Looking for a rental property?

Here you will find a selection of properties for rent

If you are interested in renting one of the listed properties by Haarlem Real Estate you can contact us. If the property seems to be a good match we will arrange a viewing with you.

During the viewing you will tour the property and you will be introduced to the owner if you would like to rent it. After approval of the owner the rental agreement will be made.

A template translation of the rental agreement will be available for you as it’s a legal requirement in the Netherlands that you sign the Dutch version. You will get the keys of the property after signing the rental contact and your bank transfer (the deposit and the first rent).

During the check-in you will meet the owner and an inspection report will also be made.

Documents required
You have to provide the following documents if you would like to rent a house or an apartment:

• Proof of income to be presented to the landlord (recent pay slips or working agreement).
• A valid proof of identity.
• Occasionally a statement from your current landlord could be requested.
• If your company will rent the property, registration information from the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Local Taxes
After your registration at the City Hall the tenant will receive the invoices for local taxes. The involved municipality e.g. Gemeente Haarlem (performed by Cosensus) will send you the invoice for the garbage tax. In 2024 this is € 296.40 for a single. For 2 persons it is € 417.36. For 3 persons it is € 477.84. For more than 3 persons it is € 508.08.

Belastingsamenwerking Gouwe-Rijnland will send you the invoice for the water purification. In 2024 this is € 208.26 for a single and € 368.32 for 2 persons or more. All amounts mentioned are for 1 year. These taxes you have to pay everywhere where you are living in the Netherlands.