Below some useful links if you are going to rent a house or an apartment in Haarlem-Amsterdam (bars, restaurants, providers for TV/Radio/Telephone, cinema, hospitals, official sites, public transport, utility companies, events in and around Haarlem and Amsterdam and various).


Cafes and bars in Haarlem-Centre

Cafe Koops
Authentic cafe in Haarlem Centre
Cafe Studio
Cafe at central market in Haarlem Centre
Het Wapen van Bloemendaal
Golden oldies cafe in Haarlem Centre
In den Uiver
4th best cafe in The Netherlands
A brewery in a former church in Haarlem-Centre called the Jopenkerk. Also a cafe and restaurant

Cinema in Haarlem

Pathe Haarlem
Cinema in Haarlem-Centre (Raaks)

Do-it-yourself shops in and around Haarlem

Do-it-yourself market, useful if you are going to rent a house or an apartment in the Haarlem area
IJzerhandel Toornend
Shop for all your do-it-yourself work located at Marnixstraat 136 in Haarlem, useful if you are going to rent a house or apartment in the Haarlem area. Excellent personal advice and often cheaper than the well-known large do-it-yourself markets in Haarlem!
Do-it-yourself market, useful if you are going to rent a house or an apartment in the Haarlem area
Do-it-yourself market, useful if you are going to rent a house or an apartment in the Haarlem area

Events in and around Haarlem

Annual Flower Parade Haarlem
The annual Flower Parade from Noordwijk to Haarlem-Centre
Haarlem Culinair
The gastronomic event of Haarlem
Haarlem Jazz & More
Jazz festival in Haarlem in August

Hospitals in and around Haarlem-Amsterdam

Hospital in Amsterdam
Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis
Hospital in Beverwijk
Spaarne Ziekenhuis
Various hospitals in and around Haarlem
VU medisch centrum
Hospital in Amsterdam

Hotels in Haarlem

Hotels in Haarlem
An overview of hotels in Haarlem

Internet-TV in and around Haarlem

National telephone company in the Netherlands, also for internet and digital TV-Radio
Budget provider for telephone, internet and digital TV-Radio
Cable provider in Haarlem, Heemstede, Bloemendaal, Hoofddorp etc (also for internet & telephone)

Local taxes for tenants in Haarlem

Garbage tax
Annual garbage tax in Haarlem for tenants
Water purification tax
The District Water Board of Rijnland uses the revenue of the pollution levy to clean waste water from homes. This is also an annual tax for tenants (website is also in English).

Museums in Haarlem

Corrie ten Boomhuis
This is where Jews and others were safely hidden during the second world war in Haarlem
De Hallen Haarlem
De Hallen Haarlem is the museum for modern and contemporary art in Haarlem
Frans Hals Museum
The Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem boasts the largest collection of paintings by Frans Hals in the world
Museum Haarlem
Here you will see a presentation about the history of Haarlem
Teylers Museum
Teylers Museum in Haarlem is the first and oldest museum in The Netherlands

Official sites, City Hall, Haarlem area

Gemeente Beverwijk
Official website Beverwijk
Gemeente Bloemendaal
Official website Aerdenhout, Bennebroek, Bloemendaal, Overveen, Vogelenzang
Gemeente Haarlem
Official website Haarlem, Spaarndam-West
Gemeente Haarlemmerliede
Official website Halfweg, Haarlemmerliede, Spaarndam
Gemeente Haarlemmermeer
Official website Badhoevedorp, Hoofddorp, Nieuw-Vennep, Zwanenburg
Gemeente Heemstede
Official website for Heemstede
Gemeente Velsen
Official website for Driehuis, IJmuiden, Santpoort Noord-Zuid, Velsen Noord-Zuid, Velserbroek
Gemeente Zandvoort
Official website Bentveld, Zandvoort

Restaurants in Haarlem-Centre

Brasserie Bij Tholen
Brasserie Bij Tholen for coffee, lunch, diner.
La Forca
Italian restaurant in Haarlem Centre
La Plume
Good quality food, relaxed atmosphere

Shopping in Haarlem

Shopping Centre Cronje-Haarlem
An overview of shops in Haarlem-Cronje, just North of Haarlem-Centre
Shops in Haarlem-Centre
An overview of shops in Haarlem-Centre
Winkelcentrum Schalkwijk-Haarlem
An overview of shops in Haarlem-Schalkwijk, South East of Haarlem-Centre

Social network for expats in Haarlem and Amsterdam

I amsterdam
An overview of internationally-oriented social and business groups in Amsterdam

Supermarkets in and around Haarlem-Amsterdam

Albert Heijn
Supermarkets in Haarlem-Amsterdam
Discount supermarkets in Haarlem-Amsterdam
Supermarkets in Haarlem-Amsterdam
Discount supermarkets in Haarlem-Amsterdam
Supermarkets in Haarlem-Amsterdam

Tourist information Haarlem-Zandvoort-Amsterdam

I amsterdam
For tourist information Amsterdam
VVV Haarlem
For tourist information Haarlem
VVV Zandvoort
For tourist information Zandvoort and the beach

Transport in and around Haarlem-Amsterdam

Buses and trains in and around Haarlem-Amsterdam, also in English
All buses in and around Haarlem-Amsterdam
Trains in and around Haarlem-Amsterdam, also in English
The OV-chipkaart is the new means of payment for the public transport system in The Netherlands, also in English.
Schiphol Airport Amsterdam
All arrival and departure times, also in English

Useful if you are looking for an apartment or house to rent in or around Haarlem-Amsterdam

Useful if you are going to rent a house or an apartment in the Haarlem area
Useful if you are going to rent a house or an apartment in the Haarlem area
Leen Bakker
Useful if you are going to rent a house or an apartment in the Haarlem area
Website for rental accommodation in The Netherlands

Utility companies in and around Haarlem

Compare all energy providers
The Dutch energy market is liberalised. This means you are free to choose your own provider for electricity and gas.
Provider for gas and electricity in Haarlem-Amsterdam
Provider for water in and around Haarlem

Various Haarlem

National Park Zuid-Kennemerland
Enjoy and experience nature in the most breathtaking natural surprise near Haarlem: National Park Zuid-Kennemerland
Webcam Grote Markt
Webcam Grote Markt in Haarlem-Centre